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Very challenging work on site in West Papua

Working in a 4 Weeks On and 4 weeks Off Rooster both are challenging and fun.An international working environment that opens possibility for individual to grow.However, the objective approach in accepting ideas is not fully applied.Rianto N., as one of Logistics Team Leader is a tricky person that will kicks you out of the team if he thinks that you are not in his control, even if your performances are best.That will ruin the company level of integrity.
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Productive and Safety is equal

Bp having strong requirements and implement for the safety aspect Bp also having great team to assisting work force anytime and anywhere Awarded and punishing are balance


there s no lunch free


Medical facility is sufficient
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Good learning opportunity

Throughout the internship experience in BP, I have learned a lot how to handle a project from end-to-end. Even though I was only an intern, the manager has been very great in giving me the opportunity to handle a project on my own as well as mentored me along the way. At the end of the program, I was given the opportunity to present it to the Director of the GWO division, which was both challenging and exciting for my professional development.


work-life balance, good mentorship


no significant drawbacks observed
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Rewarding Experience

Very friendly, fast paced, and good project overall. Typical day of work is 8am - 5pm. Required to submit final presentation and final report by the end of the presentation.
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Productive and life balanced.

Nice place to work. We have flexible day on Friday every two weeks. Fair remuneration and over time payment. Down turn in oil and gas price has pushed BP Indonesia to lay off so many employee in the past 8 months.
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Work with This Company

Working in rotation schedule offshore. Lead and responsible with projects execution. Working environment is very supporting and co-workers is very welcome.
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