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Large Company with Big Ideas

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BDO was great in how they structured their company. Very organized. Everyone knew their role on the team. It could become challenging at times as communication was at times difficult for me to recieve from the Partners I supported. At the time they were going through a merger which kept them very busy. I learned a lot from this group.
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Productive and fun place to work.

What is the best part of working at the company?My immediate supervisors were cheerful, had perspective, and when assigning work were supportive and helpful. Communication was excellent there, very team oriented.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing, really. Maybe my desire to do excellent work so I would be noticed.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Positive, inclusive, team oriented, you didn't feel like you were working on your own (even though you were)What is a typical day like for you at the company?Not applicable, not there anymore.
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Great place to work

one of the best accounting companies to work for. Benefits are good. People always willing to help. Advancement opportunity is good as well. learning lots from other people.
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As an audit trainee, first month was went well and it was easy for me to handle the work. Then starts second month they give overload work and expect me to work as an experienced audit. Although work is from 8.30am to 5.30pm but still sometimes you have to do overtime.
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Management sucks and no means of improvement and make you over work

What is the best part of working at the company?Good holidays and company benefitsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?No good management. Instructions are very unclear. No one cares about you and no feedback What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fairely okay. Hybride and good employeesWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Physical work all day and undecided management.
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Claim to care about their people but this isnt true

Typical day would be working on your computer for the full day with a team, with the vast majority of that being online over teams.I learnt alot about audit and you pick it up quickly.Workplace culture is to


Career development


Extremely poorly run and unorganised
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Good Development

Provided good training to new joiners. Benefits was decent. Some projects could be more complex than others. Also, hours and experience could fluctuate
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lack of clear leadership

It was a joint venture and both the partners were clueless. People were hired based on certain roles which never fructified leading to dissatisfaction amongst employees
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Worst place to work in a BDO payroll department

While BDO is generally a commendable company, I caution against considering the Payroll department for employment. There’s limited opportunity for acquiring new skills, and growth prospects are quite bleak. The absence of a corporate ladder is evident, mainly due to a less-than-supportive upper management that hinders personal and professional advancement. Additionally, there’s a lack of a designated point of contact for work-related matters, resulting in queries being directed to various persons. Salary hikes and promotions are non-existent, creating a demotivating atmosphere for hardworking employees who find themselves feeling helpless during promotion periods. The management in the payroll department is notably subpar, making it a challenging work environment.


Micro Managers, Lack of Training, Rude behaviours of managers, You cant expect inquieries resolved by Managers; figure your own.
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Good company to work for

Busy season can be bad, but overall a good company to work for. Not much opportunity to move internally which can lead to attrition in employees as not as many opportunities to grow.
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Great experience and friendly safe environment

Has a great time at the BDO office where I did my first vac work programme and they made it one to remember with fun activities, great food and accommodation staff.
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Company is good but in the company having competitive life

management is not goodworkplace culture is okpeople will only take care about likely people. If I like two employee opinion then they will talk with me and if one employee is shy then people with good communication group will not take in a group who are a shy employee


Salary Good, Leave allowed, After Christmas company is given holiday which is very good


Sometimes there is communication between employees like.
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Learned a lot, glad to have moved on

You’re expected to meet certain productivity level and targets but project resources are either scarce or very green that a lot of hand holding and rework is required. You’re essentially chasing your tail.
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Upper management makes work toxic

Overall a decent job at a nice location. However, the lead manager made the experience uncomfortable. She plays favorites among different admins and she gaslights certain team members when they are not able to understand her directions. Besides the micromanagement I enjoyed the company’s diversity on a whole.
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High workload

Crazy-busy is the new normal. Whether you work full-time, have a flexible job, or are a freelancer, it can often feel like you’ll never catch up with everything you have to do.It’s essential to recognize when you’re entering a state of overload as early as possible. If you stay overworked for too long, you can quickly burn out on your job, leading to errors, missed deadlines, and even health consequences from stress. If any or all of the following applies to you, it’s probably time to reconsider some of your priorities.
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High standards

It was a fantastic experience, great senior management staff and support. You are made to feel welcome. It was a great internship experience for me during university.
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Great people, poor communication

Really enjoyed the people I worked with and the opportunities to learn from my managers/seniors.Imunclear guidelines has led myself and others to others to alternative employment.
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Fun place to work

Fun and interesting workplace that pays market rates and had varied and interesting work in the restructure team. Good at training employees to the level that is needed.
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If you're not a ladder climber, just skip it

My coworkers were great, miss them already, and even some of the business analysts, but my workload was only ever feast or famine. I either had zilch to do and was burning PTO or was way overburdened.The boss at the time of my separation had zero respect for my lack of desire to climb the career ladder and just keep doing what I was doing, and he wanted to offer our team as the solution to every problem, no matter how many times it was demonstrated to him that another team already had the expertise, the security access, etc.Management is very disconnected from the day-to-day.Only those who "vote blue, no matter who" are allowed to "bring their whole selves" to work. If you don't like corporate activism, you won't like BDO. If you want politics kept far away from the workplace, apply somewhere else.


insurance, core business services now gets the same 401k match as client-facing professionals, developers can work fully remote, Vsp


The usual corporate politics, you can be fired with zero warning, Very political and activist, passing their carbon footprint on to you
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no job security

They fire 75% of new hire. There is no job security. You need to be friends with some of the seniors and please them to survive who will help you out and train you. If not, sooner or later you will be fired.


good compensation and vacation


no job security, no support and training, lots of pressure.
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Warm Welcoming Culture

The company and its employees are very nice and friendly. Everyone is pretty supportive and willing to help out. However, there is less work that is passed around during slow season.
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