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Tempat kerja menyenangkan, atasan sangat membantu tiap pekerjaan, rekan kerja saling support


Outing keluar negeri, bonus, asuransi kesehatan


Overtime yang sangat ketat
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Good environment with okay salaries

The culture depends on who your manager is (just like the other firms), but most of the people here are very smart and hardworking. They pay you so-so, with limited health benefit. But so far so good.
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Good place to gain experience and knowledge

There are people with valuable knowledge and expertise to learn from. Projects can be varied, great or nightmare. Problem is you’re just a number when it comes to performance regardless market condition.


Health benefit


Management support
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Perfect place to start your career

You will get much exposure from the various projects in Deloitte. Not only being an IT external auditor, but also any other project which is collaborating with other teams. The benefits are lower than other Big 4 but the work life balance is not adequate with the benefit.
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No life work balance

Many menial tasks and don't even expect life work balance cause the environment is not supporting at all. Good pay but you have to sacrifice a lot of things




long hours
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Great place to learn and train yourself, but as expected from Consulting industry, bad WLB will be a normal state.

You are expected to deliver the project deliverable to client with very minimum supervision and direction from your managers. A great place to learn and train yourself. At times, chaotic project can make you wanted to resign.
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If you ready working 24/7, urgent and fast "delivery" phases also learn new things, this consulting is the place for you. But if you love your life in balance and family matters, you better work at industry which focus on one task only.
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A very fast-paced work place

It was a very fast-paced working environment, hence the busy hours and feeling like time flies really fast and the feeling of looking forward to the weekends. Grateful for the experience!
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Great experience and learning process in consulting company

It was an honor to be able to do an internship at the big 4 companies. I had a great experience and learning process throughout this internship experience. Although I was given a relatively challenging tasks, I felt very appreciated as I was trusted to do such great responsibility as an intern. The mentors were really great in guiding the interns on our works to improve our skills. I learned how to work in a fast-paced and dynamic working environment which have been beneficial for my professional skills development. I was also mentored on how to use data analysis tools properly by using Tableau software.


Great mentors, vast learning experience, good allowance


No significant drawbacks were observed
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Save Work

I need work as internal audit manager. I need work with good management and employ is a human capital for management. I want work with good and full support from Management. I want my my salary up from my salary now. Thank you. Sincerely, Kenpatri Sitinjak


Work with team and induvidual


Lunch before at 12:00
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Job Description

I performed audit in accordance with International Auditing Standards to conform with Indonesian and International Financial Reporting Standards by risk based approach. Have experiences on Consolidation, Group Audit, and Corporate Act such as bonds offering. Served audit for the e-commerce and manufacturing industry with specialized on handling headquarter of online booking hotel services in Thailand and State Own Enterprises for the largest cement industrial company in Indonesia. Supervising 2 until 10 persons under the team, and directly report to the audit managers and partners.
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Awesome Company to work for

Like every big 4 accounting firm, Deloitte give you so many opportunities. They encourage you to get continuing education, CPE credit and all seminar related to your field.
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Fun workplace

Deloitte is a fun place to work. They gives us opportunity to grow and the career enhancement is very good. The colleague are friendly and good mentor.
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Deloitte had teached me how to be a good accountant.

I ever did not experience the holiday in the first year I worked here. There was no working life balance in here instead. Dealing with clients are the most difficult task as part being of an auditor. This condition had improved my soft skill to know about how to deal and approach the difficult people by using the best way that was never taught in my schools.
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workholic environment

although as auditors we need to work very late everyday but there are so many things that i can learn from my office mates, clients and in this place i also found so many friends that learned together sharingg many things.
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