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High production environment, while holding a strong safety work ethic.

Easy to work for. Work is planned quite well. Equipment and tools are provided. Supervisor is very experienced. Jsa is very thorough. Scheduling is great. Pay is fair. Wish I would have stuck with them.


Great place to work
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I was personally given the change to learn a lot.

It's was a great clean place.Safety was always a main focus.Lots of opportunities to advance.Always learned something new everyday.Safety always tries helping in correction. A problems or giving the change to correct a problems before getting you repremented.We were all giving the opportunity to andavace in the work place.


Love that supervision was always on top of things.


Short breaks, glove were required even when not doing Hanson's work
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Not a good company to work for

This company's values and priorities are messed up the entire company is a mafia. They don't encourage better opportunities for employees,the HR department hide things under the Rug instead of doing a proper investigation drugs and prostitution on site and there planning sucks people are there to collect a pay check no one wants to learn or fully understands the reason behind our work, never will i work for these people again!!


No breaks
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Pretty Good

Good work place. Good manegment. Learn new helpful things. Every worker gets along real good. Alot of hours there and lots of overtime. Good hours of work.
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CB&I is a Productive and safe company to work for

What I like most about this company is that they’re is always room for advance/ development. Anything you feel as if you would like to learn how to do or different positions you would like to give a try someone is always there to help you achieve just that.


Great people, great hours, great money, room for advancement


Nothing really but if I must have one I’d say there could be more communication
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Pays good

The money was good. That's it! It's a lot of prejudice and racism on the job. This plays apart in job advancement. The white people do cut throat stuff behind people's back. And if you were in good with the head people then you have no worries.
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Great Place to work

The work is potentially hazardous and physically demanding, but the compensation is fair. The potential for advancement is there, and the company is very safety conscious.
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Great work place and good people to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent working at Chicago bridge and iron because of the relaxed work environment and employees I worked with.
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Very safe work environment

I enjoyed working for cb&i. What is a very safe work environment very competitive wages an awesome benefits. Most of the supervisors were very fair and treated people with respect for the most part.


Safe place to work


A lot of family members in management
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best job ever

best job i have ever had i should have never left make so many great friends everyone is family you never have a bad day working with the company its fast paced but very calm and collected you know what to do and when to do it cbi has an amazing head on there shoulders
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Good company

good company to work for. Look forward working for them again in the future. I learned something new every day and co-workers were willing to show me stuff that I did not know how to do.
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good inviroment

good environment to work at all people are friendly the only upside is that they lay off a lot. for dumb reasons good pay tho also need better parking spot at the job site.
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Crane operator

Its a good place to work i would work here again if i could its a good place alot of hours good co workers decent mangment dont miss work be there on time


Lunch health care and paid time off


Short breaks
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Cool Temporary place

Job didn't last very long great for short term they were pretty fair overall. The only real con is the job security. So if you get a chance work there and it is difficult getting on sometimes just be persistent.
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i want join with maccdermout to forever

Please call me when mr if job this my number i'am have bossiet siman book and bassick trining centre




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The shop is definitely an interesting place to work. Unfortunately, it does need some updating equipment wise. The shop is going through some changes right now, and waiting to see what happens.


Definitely a place for a "green" hand to learn a craft.


They don't show much appreciation for the employees who are loyal and try to be more diversified.
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A great bunch of down to earth, but business and safety oriented, team.

I enjoyed working for CB&I, they were an excellent company to work for, management was great, they acknowledged their crews accomplishments and commended them for it. That's an action not many companies show their employees, which give their employees a more incentive to keep doing a good and thorough job.


They gave a big dinner for the employees to show their appreciation.
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