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i love to play guitar

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when i was in papua,i work everyday no dayoff for 12 weeks and after that,i go for vacation for 2 weeks in a steel erector,i've learn a lot like how to eperate a EWP/manlift with 40meters high of boom.its not easy to work in a very remote area,its in a top of the mountain and the locals are very unpredictable,its hard for us to communicate with them,but of course you need a lot of patience to survive in that kind of place.the hardest part in work is when you are working in manlift with full extend of boom and have a strong winds but it is enjoy when you up so lucky to be part of chicago bridge & iron.its a world class very thankfull to be one of them.
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4 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Great people, prompt management good work hours and payWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Close to layoffs or traffic big jobs horrible traffic What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great different people from all over the world coming in to do one Job to build a plant What is a typical day like for you at the company?Hard work, learning, a hunch of laughter
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Great people to work with. Had a lot of fun and hung a lot of iron.

Safety bonuses and end of job bonuses. They have a good safety culture and took care of us. Kept us on site in rain and lightning instead of sending us home.
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Good working company

Cart pushers are not paid EQUALLY for the amount of work they perform - comparing to other new hires & Minors working OGP. Cart pushers should've been gotten a pay raise by now ! Cart pushers are not respected & in my opinion , have the hardest job to do at Walmart considering all weather elements
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Good job

I enjoyed working for them and made a good amount of money worked a lot of hours and would definetley work for them again if I had the chance to do so
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Great company

Met a great group of ppl. Everyone was knowledgeable of their craft. There was alwasy someone in supervision available to provide materials and or answers to questions. We were allowed to do our work without being told to do it a certain way only.


Lunch monthly...raffles...paid schooling


More lighting needed at nights
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Nice company to work for. Alot of overtime

Topical Construction job. When they need anything, you get it for them.You may sometimes have to travel to another area and look at other places to find what is needed.


Steady work, alot of overtime.


Sometimes too much overtime.
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Great company to work for

Good company to work for. Never had any problems with any of the management or other employees. Pay was a little on the low side but benefits made up for it. I would work for them again.
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Safe and good paying company

Good for advancement ..alot of hours. Not much home life. You are just a number but good if you show up and can pass a drug test. Hard hot work like every construction job
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An excelent company

CB&I is one of my favorite companies, because the apreciate the work that you do. I like the way they treat and care for the employees, they are very respectfull.
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I have learned alot from this company, starting with safety. This company gives the opportunity to grow. It aswell provides all levels of opportunity.
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Great people to work with.

My Superintendent and General Foreman where great people to work with. They supported me 100 percent. Never had a problem getting whatever it was I needed. Company was great!
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Great place to work good employees, equipment really fair. Flexible with time off for my kids and court I was dealing with. Foreman was good with information.
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Good workplace with Good Benefits.

Enjoyed job, had competitive pay, and good benefits. Good with family emergencies. All employees were provided good transportation to commute around the jobsite.
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A very professional company

very professional company with flexible hours and where safety and family comes first. helps you grow as an employee by teaching you new crafts. CBI is a company where family matters
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work really hard but safely it is a good day eveyday with this company you just have to work a fair day and it is well paid this is a good company to work for
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Great company

I would love working for them in the future they are a really good company to work for they strive for greatness and are willing to go above and beyond for their employees if you need anything they always there to help in any way that they can
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Big work area

Working in the industrial field is a way diffrent environment you have to be poeple friendly always have good attitudes and good work pace keep track of ur tasks.
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If you like traveling and working with great people from all over this would be the company that you may be looking forward to working for

Great all round company an supervisors. Couldn't ask for a better tean to work for. Always room for advancments or different training for various crafts on site an some after hour training.
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Great place to work.

I would recommend CB&I. The only reason I left was to return to Alabama to handle family business. Looking back, I wish I had stayed, and handled my business in another fashion.
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Good place to work

I enjoyed my tine at this company, it was close to home and they valued everyone who worked there no matter what they knew they always thought the young guys the basics
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