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Pekerjaan dan Karir TechnipFMC

Tentang perusahaan

  • CEO
    Douglas J. Pferdehirt
    puas atas kinerja Douglas J. Pferdehirt
  • Didirikan
  • Ukuran perusahaan
    1.001 sampai 5.000
  • Laba
    1 T - 5 T (IDR)
  • Industri
    Energy, Mining & Utilities
  • Kantor Pusat
    Houston, TX
  • Tautan
    Situs TechnipFMC
Pelajari selengkapnya


IT Field Service Support Engineer di Jakarta
pada 3 Februari 2023
Our job in IT TechnipFmc is so much cooler than the typical IT professional.
IT TechnipFMC team is committed to understanding business needs, how what we do connects to business operations, and will continue to prioritize improving technology capabilities and service continuity.
Deputy hse manager di Batam Indonesia
pada 19 Juni 2020
Working in TechnipFMC basically the management always support on safety aspect. MANAGEMENT commitment and visibility have proven the support towards safety.
Sr. Project Manager di Jakarta, Indonesia
pada 23 November 2018
Excellent work culture to work
Strong Management and you will be given full responsibility and Authority to Manage independently as long as the PMR is within the projected level. Truly a MN culture and respected each & every individuals equally. Company reputation and customer satisfaction stands at top rather than profitability.
pada 6 November 2017
Examwople: Productive and fun workplace
In our company you have to work normal 10 hrs. a day ( 8+2 OT ) if theirs' OT extension request i/ we have to comply. Our daily routine is to prepare company document, drawings and go directly to the field/ job-site to discuss/ coordinate with our Subcontractor personnel in-charge regarding work activities. Organize Tool box meeting everyday regarding Safety awareness and precautions before start to work. Lastly i will sign the Permit To Work to start the work. As the work goes on, I will check if the workers follow the drawing and specifications. At the end of the day we are required to attend the management meeting to submit our daily reports or work problems if any.The hardest part of my job was in Indonesia because their skilled workers can't speak English well so i have learned there language. When i know their dialect i enjoy my job.
Lead Quantity Surveyor di Indonesia
pada 15 Maret 2017
Career and knowledge booster with good package
The company where you can learn and develop your skills and character as a professional. Work is tough but with harmony within the workplace. You can never go wrong with Technip because this company can take you further.

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