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Fast paced sales

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For the pay wage is normal, for the commission is great even high in my opinion. However the workload is too much, if I am doing sales it would be better just to handle sales. For making reports of the services it's not even that connected and important.
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Mismanaged, chaotic

The upper management is the worst, very obsessive and micro managing. The communication between divisions need major improvement. The ceo has anger issues. Red flag, very high turn over for employees
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Angry CEO

A very stressfull day to day experience. The micro manage from the CEO was something else. They dont care about educating customer to learn English, they just want to make money.High turn overs are something good according to the CEO, no matter how good you are in previous month, you will never be good enough for the upper management.


Compensation and benefits


You just wont be good enough in the eye of the CEO
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Big no

Avoid at all cost. If you read this and planning to work here, i repeat: AVOID AT ALL COST.The business is never to take care of their customers nor their employees but ONLY to gain profit.
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Center people are just remarkable. The Top Management is ... questioned.

Two thumbs up for center people. They never give up despite the hardships and ridiculous demands from the top management. The endurance from the center people is amazing.Since the pandemic, this company only views profits, profits, and profits. Members' satisfaction? ZERO! Subordinates' welfare? UNSEEN!It is not recommended working in here if you don't want your peace to be disturbed.
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Stressful and toxic

Bad management, ask the employee to work work and work, pressure here and there. No work life balance. Toxic people everywhere. You need to work extra hour or else u will be titled lazy, no work hard enough, no motivation, give u a lot of bad comment.




Short breaks, work more than 9 hours/day, dayy off still work
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Toxic workplace culture that exploits. Run.

Hours for teachers here are 12-9PM. You will be asked to work on days off and come in for meetings even if you have taken leave. Managers expect teachers to be able to complete last minute tasks even when teachers are sometimes made to teach 4 classes back to back with no break. Workplace culture is toxic and communication between departments seems to be non-existent. Getting a straight answer out of anyone save one indirect manager seems impossible. No one wants to take accountability of anything for fear of CEO anger management issues. Turnover due to said issues is huge. Long serving staff and new staff leaving the company in droves due to the immature and short sightedness of sr. level management.


Housing allowance


high pressure, high turnover, poor management, They don't care anything about the people working there, just what they can get out of them, RUN. They say they are a "family" to make the verbal and emotional abuse acceptable.
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Education business but toxic culture

The company actually said their goal is to help and develop people. What a big joke.I’ve never saw such a big turnover in a company such as this one. Defintely because of the insane amount of workload, non ethical ( you get sweared with very bad words) , not professional and just big bunch of bad leaders. Plus you have to pay for expenses of this company (taxis, operational, etc) and get a very complicated and long process to reimbursed. Its c r a z y . They basically pay you only for taking it back.


Big name. I guess


Low pay for entry level, insane workloads, you have to pay for your company expense with your own money
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Too many pressure

Been working there for a long time, I had a lot of fun at first, but after years, everything is changed. The job was driving me crazy, I lost motivation, no one even care about what I have been through, they’re just care about targets and money. And when we have to do the renewal thingy, it was supposed to be the Sales team job who approach the members since they’re the one who get the big commission, but they put the pressure on the service team, and we just get some, and it’s not even a half of their commission. Well, it’s not fair for me, but it’s up to you if you still want to work there.


We can make friends with the members


A lot of those
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Toxic Environment & treat Employee like a machine

With the new management of the company, they treat employees like an engine to generate revenue. Even the head office is also the same. The management builds unhealthy working conditions that impact the existing and new employee morality, reflecting in the high percentage of new hires turnover ratio.


no work life balance
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Good people to associate

I 've got the opportunity in the newest branch office in Bandung, spent 2 years as a Service Officer and I learned a lot about services and as a front liner as well. Promoted as a Center administrator and stayed in South Tangerang Branch for 6 months, end up as Area Center Administrator for 4 branches office stationed in Head Office SCBD Central Jakarta. Nice environment yet the management needs improvement.
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Everything micro-managed by new owners

2 years ago the franchise was bought by a new group of greedy investors. They have done everything possible to make the company more profitable, often at the expense of educational quality and customer service. There are myriad problems, and that is why 2018 has seen such a massive exodus of talented individuals away from this company.


A variety of challenges.


Unstable policies, owners, and objectives.
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I love to give support to people

Well, wallstreet english is about learning english. I love to give people advices why they have to learn english and to improve it. I gave them some practical examples about how to learn english effectively. Wallstreet english method is the easiest to be followed.
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