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I loved my internship

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It was an amazing experience. I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and I enjoyed learning. I got a chance to work with senior auditors and accountants. I had an amazing time!


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Cubicals everywhere with options of working remotely. Fun friendly people.

I spent a lot of my time consulting and scheduling meetings. There is a big microsoft presence. I got to learn Teams, CRM, use outlook, skype for business, O365, Sharepoint. All sorts of it. All in all the people and locations are great. Growing company with a lot of technology present.


Free lunches


hour lunch usually
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Good place to work.

Good teamwork and ability to work with clients across all verticals. Both software and hardware consulting options are available to foster and grow..
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Lack of quality management. No chemistry in my office

Go to work, sit at desk. Try to fix accounting mistakes of clients. Fill out tax forms. Repeat. This is repeated year after year. Everyone is so busy to get things done that accuracy can suffer. There are no fun get together's with co-workers. Management does not care about satellite offices. They seem to be focusing on large markets with modern work structures. On the other hand, the pay wasn't bad, and in the summer/fall, I could take off when I wanted.


My manager did not question a sick child or short notice time off.


Poor leadership.
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great atmosphere and very friendly staff

I have learned how to bind reports, process in/outgoing mail, do tax calls to clients to pick up taxes,back office expenses,cover receptionist lunches


great company to work for, very friendly staff


none so far
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productive workplace

intelligent coworkers, hard workers, great resources and learning source. great experience, great clients. flexible work schedule. ok benefits. vast types of entities - great for learning.
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Productive and Fun Working place

A best place to work for anyone. Very friends people and the management super cool. You are always encouraged to innovate new ideas and motivated almost every day. Your inputs are always encouraged and respected. This place is more like a home then an IT company.


Free Lunch and a TT to keep you charged all the time
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